Working in Detail View





Here you can see the details of a party.


Tool Symbol

The Tool Symbol is a menu with a list of actions. You can, for example, delete or export a record via the Tool-Symbol-Menu.



The Toolbar contains symbols for:

      • Create a new record (white sheet of paper with a yellow star)
      • Save record (Hard disk with arrow)
      • Choose different view (four arrows pointing outwards)
      • Reload (arrows in cricle)
      • load previous record (left-pointing arrow)
      • load next record (right-pointing arrow)
      • Add attachment to record (paperclip)
      • Launch action (square)
      • Open related records (downward-arched arrow)
      • Open report (printer with paper and star)
      • E-Mail report (printer with envelope)
      • Print report (printer)


The Fields

Fields are grouped so you can see which fields belong together.

      • There are purple and blue fields. The purple fields are mandatory to fill in.
      • If a magnifing  glass is displayed next to a field, Tryton can display a list of possible entries.
      • if there is a ‘New-record‘ symbol (white sheet of paper with a yellow star) next to a field, you can create a new record which is inserted in the field.
      • If a field already contains an entry and has a folder-symbol next to it, you can click on the folder to jump to a linked record.


Embedded lists

You can find such a list, for example ,under Contact Mechanisms‘ in a party. There you enter phone numbers, E-mail addresses and other things.

      • Create a new record (white sheet of paper with a yellow star)
      • Edit selected record (folder)
      • Delete selected record (paper with list line)
      • Undelete selected record (yellow backwards arrow) 



The various registers show further information.