Recording an Address


Clients are the potential of a company. To administer them properly is therefore very important.


In Tryton go to Party > Parties and create a new record. The following will be filled in:


      • Name: name of the company
      • Reference: Salutation Name  Surname (e.g.: Mrs Carla Bertoni)
      • Postal address (Street with number, ZIP code, City)
      • Salutation (e.g.: Dear Mrs. Bertoni)
      • Phone Number (e.g.: +41 41 211 12 22)
      • At least 1 Email address and 1 phone number.
      • Assigning of the customer to one of the existing customer categories.



Here you can link other parties which are related to the current party.



Enter Payment terms



For suppliers, the bank details are entered in order to be able to scan ESR codes on the supplier’s invoices.