Setting an invoice to unpaid



If an invoice is set to paid and this has to be reversed  (for example because the date of payment is wrong), proceed as follows.:

      1. open the Invoice and make a screenshot of:
            1. The invoice with the header and the total amount due
            2. Payment Details > Invoice > Payment > Payment Record > Detailview
            3. Store the screenshots in a folder named with the invoice number.
      2. Open > Invoices > Invoice > Invoice Record and note down the numbers. We will need those in the next steps.
      3. Under Financial > Journals - Periods open the account plan of the current year. If a customer invoice needs to be corrected, double click the debit account. If it is a supplier invoice, the creditor account.
      4. In the account search for the previously noted number, mark the respective records and click ‚revoke‘ via the magic button.
      5. Under > Financial > Processing > Overview Accounting Records look for the payment record and open by double clicking. Reset it to ‚draft‘ status and delete it via the tool symbol.
        1. Special case: If your invoice wasn't pay with the exact amount, the rest might be booked out. In this case you also have to delete that accounting entry.
      6. Go back to the Tab where you have the invoice opened and refresh the display. The payment record should disappear and in the invoice header you should be able to select ‚revoke‘ or ‚pay‘
      7. That’s it