Scan a V11 Payment file from the eBanking



Download the V11 file from your eBanking for the desired time period. If you don’t know where to find these files, check with your bank.




      • Under > Financial > Statements > Bank Statements > ESR-File import  you can import the ESR file (inba.esr.v11).
      • Choose the respective prepared Journal and the ESR-File and click on ‚import’.
      • A list of paid invoices and payments received is displayed.
      • The bank statement can be checked with the ‚check‘ button
            • If an invoice cannot be assigned, assign manually. this can happen if a customer uses the wrong payment slip.
      • If everything is ok, book it in with ‚lay down‘ 
      • The accounting balance before and after are automatically displayed and can help you to double check, especially manual bookings.
      • If an import of a payment was not successful, it will be displayed. Unsuccessful bookings are displayed in red. A screenshot of the ESR-entries has to be made.



      • If an invoice was overpaid, there is a cue. Fix the entry and create a new line where you select an invoice or an account. 
      • For Invoices with non-existent reference numbers or already paid numbers, the amount can be booked on another invoice or another account. For this, the respective line has to be adjusted.
      • The V11 file is then stored on the server at a meaningful place. v11 yyyy-mm-tt


The list of the payments received can be viewed anytime under Financial > Statements.