Dunning run



Normally a monthly dunning run is executed after checking the accounts. Because most people pay at the end or at the beginning of a month, dunning runs should be scheduled around the 10th of a month.



We open the dunning runs in Tryton under Financial > Invoice > Reminder List

      • In the overview you can now see all previously executed dunning runs. they should have the status ‚completed‘.



Click on ‚new‘ to create a new run. Now the procedure is as follows:

      1. Create new dunning run. Now all the due invoices are proposed.
      2. If there are invoices in the list which are not supposed to receive a reminder for whatever reason, they can be removed with the minus symbol.
      3. Important: Save the dunning run and discuss the list with management. Some clients might not yet be reminded.
      4. Start dunning run via the action button (see screenshot). Then the reminder are automatically printed.