Create an AHV-Invoice



Invoices of the AHV have to be created as a special form of Supplier Invoice. They cannot be booked onto a single expenses account.

      • The Invoice date is the last day of the invoiced period.
      • The invoice has two lines:
            • Do not choose an item. Enter account 5070. Enter as a positive the total amount of the invoice adding the child allowance (DEBIT 5070). Text „Total with child allowance“.
            • Do not choose an item. Enter account 5071. Enter as a negative the total amount of the child allowance (HAVE 5071). Text „booking child allowance“.
      • The calculated total amount now has to match the amount on the pay slip.
      • To make it easier for you you can also take an identical invoice from the previous month, copy it and adjust the description and date. BUT: always check the number as there might be adjustments (somebody having a child).
      • Now transfer the invoice to the normal payment schedule.