Invoice Supplier Credit


The following example explains how a supplier credit can be invoiced.

      • A supplier invoice has the status ‚fixed‘
      • A supplier credit note has the status ‚fixed‘



With the ‚adjustments‘, these invoices will be counter invoiced. Adjustments in Tryton are the invoicing of booking lines. To adjust said Invoices and Credit, do as follows:

      • Add on the invoice a payment of the balance.
      • Go to Financials > Entries > Adjust bookings.??
      • Select the respective account (in this example: creditors)
      • Now all booking lines are displayed without adjustment of the selected account.
            • Restrict the entries of the suppliers with a filter. e.g. Party: Cropmark.
            • The lines of the Invoices (the Supplier invoices and the credits to be invoiced) are to be marked. With the command key more lines can be selected.
            • In the filter line you can also search for Description or Bookingnumbers.
      • On the Magic Button there is the action „Adjust booking line“?? with which the selected bookings can be adjusted.
      • If the selected invoices don’t balance out to 0, you can select the journal and the account from which the balance has to be deducted in the following dialog. In our case we normally select the Journal ‚pay Kredifakt from account Tryton‘. When booking please use a meaningful text. e.g. Invoice Invoice Also 9510808 with Credit Slip Also 9480561. Pay Balance with Trytonaccount.