DTO - Digital Transaction Order



DTO stands for Digital Transaction Order. It’s a simple text document with which credit payments can be given to the bank.



      • Under „due payments“ in the tab „accounts payable“ mark the creditor bills due to be paid. Tip: you can sort the Invoices by clicking on the column: Due date.
      • Then select „payment line“ (on the action button in the symbolbar)
      • Then select the journal and confirm with „pay“.
      • The payments in draft status can now be accepted by clicking „confirm“.
      • Then mark the confirmed payments and select „execute payment“ on the action button.
      • The resulting payment run contains a DTO file which can be loaded into the eBanking system to process there.
      • As soon as the as the bank has executed the payments, mark the payment as „succsessful“ and book the payment in the credit invoice.