Auditing open credit positions



It can occur that the total of the credit open positions does not match the credit balance on the Tryton account.

      • Most commonly something was booked manually on the credit account.
      • Theoretically, although technically very unlikely, a wrong credit booking could have been executed on a credit invoice.
      • It could also be that the payment of a credit invoice was assigned to the wrong journal.



      • For auditing you draw an account statement from the credit account 2000. There you see the balances which have to match with the open positions list every day.
      • Check month for month by going to > Financials > Reporting > print Third Party Balance per end of the month. Compare the balance with the account statement of that day.
      • If it doesn’t match, create further comparisons on the previous days until you find the day with the mistake. The balance amount helps to determine the booking causing the problem.