Remove an Adjustment from a Booking



A booking can be especially protected. The booking has an adjustment. One reason for it is the VAT. With every account in the account plan can be defined if an adjustment should be created or not. Some companies are not fond of these Adjustments and deactivate this functionality.



The Adjustment on a booking can be removed. You can see the Adjustment number at the bottom of the Booking rate. To remove the Adjustment, proceed as follows:

      1. Check which account was used with the adjusted bookings.
      2. Open the account plan the account that was used for the booking
      3. Look for the booking here. If you want to look for the booking with the adjustment 310, type in the filter line: „Adjustment 310“ and search for the booking.
      4. Select the booking and click on the action symbol on the function „reverse Adjustment on booking lines“
      5. Now you can close the window and go back to the booking in the main book. You can now set it back to ‚draft‘.