Stock Management


Proper Stock Management is not an easy task. All incoming and outgoing goods have to be tracked in Tryton. Here are several issues that prevent a correct stock management:

      • Somebody spontaneously takes out goods and may or may not return them later.
      • Goods are stolen.
      • When transferring from one storage location to another, booking the transfer is forgotten.




When you open a Product you don’t see any information about the amount in stock. You only see this information if you look into a Stock.
It is also important to know that if an article has ‚consumables‘ ticked, there is no stock management for this article.


Storage Locations

The storage location describe the different warehouses. There is an incoming warehouse, and outgoing warehouse and a warehouse where the articles are actually located. If you for example want to know which Products are in the warehouse at any given time you can do the following:

      • go to >Warehouse >Storage Location >Storage Zone and open it.
      • In the following Date Dialog enter per which Date the stock information should be displayed. This way you can elegantly create a stock statement for the taxes.


Order Points

For automated buying with the suppliers, Tryton needs to know when to order. This is defined in the Order Points.

      • Go to >Warehouse >Order Points >create new record
      • Assign Product
      • Define the min. and max. amount
      • Assign the storage location


Supplier Shipments

In >Supplier Shipments you can see which products are on order with which supplier and if they have arrived already.