Generate a Quote


At the beginning of a deal there is usually a sale. It contains the offer, the order and the assignment. Attached is also the delivery.


      • Create a new Sale under > Sales > Sales
      • Add a Client Party. Currency and Conditions will automatically be added.
      • In the ‚Positions‘ area you can now add the products and services you wish to offer.
            • You can also add Titles, subtotals and comments.
      • Options under ‚Other info‘
            • Shipping Method
              • On Invoice Paid (stock is booked as soon as invoice is set on paid)
              • Manual
              • On Order Processed (stock is booked as soon as the offer is accepted)
            • Rechnungsstellung
              • On Shipment sent (the invoice is created when the delivery slip is created)
              • Manual
              • On Order processed (the invoice is created as soon as the sale is accepted and put on ‚execute‘)
            • Project Method
              • On Invoice Paid (the respective project is created as soon as the invoice is set to ‚paid‘)
              • Manual
              • On Order processed (the project is created as soon as the sale is accepted and set on execute)
      • Then set the Sale to Offer and print it or create a PDF to email to the customer.
      • Once the customer accepts the offer, you set it to confirmed and then to ‚in progress‘.
            • As soon as you set the project to ‚in progress‘ a project is created if there are services in the sale.
            • Additionally a temporary invoice is created.
            • On top of that delivery positions for the articles are created which you can process in the storage and purchasing module.