Invoicing Projects



      • Go to > Projects and open the Project to be invoiced.
      • By pressing the green arrow, change to the already existing invoice which should be labelled as draft.
          • If there isn’t already an invoice, open the Project and create a new Project invoice via the Menu entry  > invoice Project.
      • Go to Method > Align Working hours
          • If there was a pre-payment at an earlier stage of the Project, this can now be deducted in the new Project invoice. Write the Number and the date of the respective pre-payment invoice into the ‚notes‘ field.
      • Create an Invoice letter with a detailed list of working hours.
      • Adjust the Title of the invoice meaningfully (e.g. „Final Invoice Support Subscription 2016-08“).
      • Fix the Invoice and set the Project to ‚closed‘ in the pop-up dialog, if the project is supposed to be closed for tracking working hours. Sent the final invoice to the customer.