Working with Projects


Projects are either created automatically from Sales or you can create the manually unter  > Projects > Projects > new record.




Technically a project is an arbitrary stack of project tasks. The highest level is of the type Project and all levels below are of the type Task.



For each Project Task there is

      • a description text
      • budgeted working hours
      • and an assigned service item. The service item is needed for the correct financial pre- and post calculation, as well as the billing of the project. All of the required pricing and accounting information are tied to it. The cost of the service item thus is the internal hourly rate, and the price is the price a customer has to pay for each billable hour.

When you open a Project Task you can also see the logged working hours to date in detail.


Working hours

Per Project Task you can see various working hour numbers.

      • Hours: Working hours to date
      • Estimated: the budgeted amount of working hours
      • Billable hours: the sum of all hours tagged as billable.
      • Invoiced hours: the sum of hours already invoiced on a project invoice.


Project Roles

You can assign different Project members to a Project. To describe the function within the Project you define Project roles.