Using Mailchimp for Newsletters



Mailchimp is a newsletter service on the internet which allows you to quickly create nice, working newsletters. Read here about the deeper idea of newsletters and how to start a newsletter project. Also our preferred Webshopsystem "Prestashop" has a Mailchimp Plugin in order to automate mails, when customers are interested in products manage their shopping cart

Tryton has an optional Module for Mailchimp which has to be installed for the functionality to be visible in Tryton.



  • Create a Mailchimp account.
  • Create a list on Mailchimp.
  • Add categories to the parties in Tryton, e.g. Marketing Acquisition.
  • Also add categories for parties who wish to unsubscribe to the newsletter, e.g. Marketing Acquisition No Mails


  • In >Mailchimp>Accounts create a new dataset. This is the required connection to the Mailchimp account.
  • Create a name and add the API key from the Mailchimp account. With this Tryton will be able to communicate with the Mailchimp servers.
  • Synchronise the account. The lists entered via the web interface of Mailchimp will now be imported.
  • Under ‚Subscribe Category‘ select the party category from Tryton you wish to transfer to Mailchimp for the newsletter. 
  • Under ‚Unsubscribe Category‘ select the party category from Tryton you wish to use for unsubscribing the newsletter.
  • As Merge Tags you choose the ones you want to transfer, normally these are:
    • Name: EMAIL > Field: email
    • Name: FNAME > Field: first_name
    • Name: LNAME > Field: name
    • Name: SALUTATION > Field: salutation
  • Save.



Now you transfer the parties from Tryton to Mailchimp by using the special functions key >Sync Account and create a new Mailing.

  • With the transferred parties you can execute the Mailing in Mailchimp.
  • If you sync again later, the parties which unsubscribed to the newsletter will be assigned to the previously defined unsubscribe category.



If you set somebody with a party category "no mailings", so that person will be set to "unsubscribed" in Mailchimp after the next sync between Tryton and Mailchimp.
If somebody unsubscribes in Mailchimp for a certain mailing list, so the corresponding party category in Tryton will be deleted AND the party category "no mailings" will be added to that party.
If you intend to resubscribe somebody for mailings, you have to:
  1. Delete the party category "no mailings" on the party
  2. Add the party category, that corresponds to the mailinglist, to the party again. 
  3. Set the person in mailchimp to "subsribed" again