- install and go



Please download the Tryton client version 3.2 for your operating system:



Start the Tryton client and and log in with the user credentials you received from us.
      • If you'd like, you can configure and save your different logins in the login dialog box when you click on "profiles"


Change your password
If you would prefer to use another password ...
      • Go to  Menu >User >Preferences
      • And change your personal password there
Upload your company logo
To make your printouts look best, upload your logo.
      • Got to the Menu >Party >Configuration >Companies
      • Choose your company.
      • Upload your new logo. For best quality, use the PNG-format with a relation of 5 to 2 (width/hight).


Enter customers and suppliers
      • Go to >Parties  to find your customers and suppliers.
      • The categories are used to categorize your parties in groups. They can be hierarchic.
Enter products
      • Go to >Products  to see your products and services.
      • Use categories to group your product and services.
Enter your first sale
      • Go to >Sale  to see your sales (quotes, orders)
      • Make a new sale and assign a customer.
      • Add products to your new sale.
Create an invoice out of your sale
      • Go to >Financial >Invoices >Invoices to make a new invoice.
      • By the way, perhaps there are already invoices that have been created for one of your sales.


Documents are produced and printed with LibreOffice. If you already have Microsoft Office, that‘s no problem. You can use them side by side.
If you have further questions? Don't hesitate to contact us by email:


Good Luck!

Your team